CEO's Message
CEO message
For the benefit of everyone's happiness, we create relaxation tools that can be enjoyed by everyone.

In 1919 my grandfather started the business as a futon maker for Daimaru, Kyoto. The company was officially registered and incorporated by my father in 1961.
I was born in 1951, surrounded by beautiful futons and cushions that were made by very talented craftsmen. However, after growing up surrounded by them, I ended up wanting to try to explore other things that were not related to futons and cushions. Therefore, after I graduated from university, I found a job at a general trading company in Tokyo, where I was in charge of exporting chemicals. In 1980 I left the company and returned to Kyoto to assist with the family business.

Armed with our skilled craftsmen's beautiful handwork, we wanted to start a new venture. Thus, in the 21st century, Takaokaya as a brand was born. A new modern Japanese style-oriented brand, which creates products by combining the traditional sense of Japanese sensibility and comfort with Western living. We create our product with traditional futon and cushion making techniques.
Some of our products such as the well-loved Ojami Cushion, that can be used to sit comfortably both on the floor or on a chair, or our Senbei Zabuton Cushion that is very popular among parents, have been a great addition to our customer's lifestyle. We have also started introducing our handmade modern Japanese lifestyle products to our overseas customers.

2019 marks the 100th anniversary of Takaoka Futon Co., Ltd.'s founding, and 2021 will mark the 60th anniversary of its incorporation.
Kangu is the name that I chose for our relaxation products, which are made by our skilled craftsmen with the inherited futon and cushion making techniques.
With our business mission as "For the benefit of everyone's happiness," we hope that we can bring a smile to all of our customers and everyone involved in our business.
We hope to accomplish our mission by continual improvements of our technical aptitude, planning skill, our ability to take action, and to continue being a company that provides relaxation to everyone through people's compassion and handmade products.


Koichiro Takaoka

代表取締役 高岡幸一郎


Company profile
  • Name

    Takaoka Futon Co., Ltd.

  • Address

    242 Kintoyokocho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto, Japan

  • Founded


  • Incorporated

    1st September 1961

  • Capital

    10 million yen

  • Business Description

    Kangu (zabuton cushion, futon, and pillow) Planning, Manufacturing, Wholesale, and Retail

  • Annual Income

    300 million yen

  • Number of employees



Company History
  • 1919

    Tokutaro Takaoka established Takaoka Shoten as a futon maker and started supplying the Kyoto Daimaru (now Daimaru Kyoto).

  • 1961

    Shuichiro Takaoka officially registered Takaoka Co., Ltd. and became CEO.
    The main customer was Daimaru Co., Ltd.'s, related department stores, and other affiliated department stores. The business developed into a bedding manufacturer and a wholesaler.

  • 1999

    In the 21st century, Takaokaya was created. Takaokaya offers comfortable sitting and relaxation products handmade by craftsmen with traditional skills. Its key item was the zabuton cushion.

  • 2001

    Koichiro Takaoka became CEO.

  • 2002

    Takaokaya held the first exhibition at an organized trade fair in Tokyo Big Sight called the Interior Lifestyle. This expands Takaokaya's sales channels into areas outside of department stores.

  • 2011

    Takaokaya participated in the imm's International Furniture and Interior Fair held in Cologne, Germany. This is where Takaokaya's overseas expansion begins.

  • 2019

    The company celebrated its 100th anniversary. Takaokaya will continue down the path of creating handcrafted kangu products that contribute to a comfortable and luxurious living.


株式会社髙岡 本社・工房 ショップ & ショールーム
Office・Workshop・Shop & Showroom

Kyoto, as the old capital of Japan, is a place bursting with culture and traditions. Some of Japan's most talented craftsmen have resided in this city, enriching its artistry since the ancient times. For a chance to see them in action, visit Takaokaya's workshop and showroom located at central Kyoto. Come and visit our workshop to see how handmade cushions and futons are made, next see our showroom on the 3rd floor and try out a variety of Takaokaya's products. You can order a customized product on the spot, and if we have what you are looking for in stock, you can take it home with you immediately. Whether you are a tourist visiting Kyoto for the first time or you're one of the locals, there will be something interesting to see at Takaokaya!

洛中髙岡屋 本社・ショップ&ショールーム

洛中髙岡屋 本社・ショップ&ショールーム