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Welcome to Takaokaya

Takaokaya-Ojami-Cushion-Interior-Scene-1-Westernstyle-Sofa-Throw-Pillows Takaokaya-Ojami-Cushion-Interior-Scene-3-Westernstyle-Sofa-Throw-Pillows Takaokaya-Ojami-Cushion-Interior-Scene-4-Westernstyle-Sofa-Throw-Pillows Takaokaya-Ojami-Cushion-Interior-Scene-5-Westernstyle-Sofa-Throw-Pillows Takaokaya-Ojami-Cushion-Interior-Scene-6-Westernstyle-Bed-Throw-Pillows Takaokaya-Ojami-Cushion-Interior-Scene-7-Modern-Interior-Sofa-Throw-PillowsTakaokaya-Ojami-Cushion-Interior-Scene-1-Westernstyle-Sofa-Throw-Pillows

We have been crafting unique, hand-made Japanese zabuton cushions and futon in our workshop in the heart of Kyoto, the ancient capital, since 1919. Our stylish, high quality range of furnishings are designed to harmonize any living space and bring the Japanese art of kutsurogi into your home.

Kutsurogi is the Japanese word for relaxation. The Japanese people may have a reputation for working hard, but we are especially good at relaxing. We have a fondness for beautiful things with high consideration for their design and materials, and by surrounding ourselves with such objects in our everyday lives promotes kutsurogi and our overall wellbeing.

Enjoy slow, natural living — in style!

Our Products

Kyoto Takaokaya Ojami Collection

Takaokaya products harness the qualities of Japanese traditional crafts and yet have a distinct modern sensibility. We may collaborate with designers around the world, but all our bedding and cushions are made by hand in our Kyoto workshop. Not only decorative, our products are crafted with your comfort in mind, and some make great posture correctors. You can find Takaokaya products at fine department stores across Japan and may also be purchased online. We are starting to expand overseas too. 

Did you know?

Kanreki 60th birthday Japan Takaokaya cushion KyotoIn Japan, a person’s 60th birthday is very special. Why? Having lived through 5 cycles of the zodiac calendar, a 60 year-old is said to be entering their second childhood. This is what we call Kanreki. The birthday boy or girl is dressed in red garb and may also sit on a red cushion. This is because “aka” in Japanese, which is very close to the word “aka-chan” meaning “baby.” At Takaokaya, we created a cushion especially for Kanreki!

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