Zabuton Series




The origin of the zabuton cushion

It is said if you search for the root of the zabuton cushion, you will find what was known as shitone (茵). A square rug made with a smaller rug woven with straw or the like as the core and the edges were adorned with silk fabrics. Shitone was commonly only used by the people of high ranks, such as the emperor and shogun during the Heian period.

The practice of Japanese hospitality that is passed down from generation to generation is represented in Takaokaya's Kyoto Zabuton Cushion. Made by talented craftsmen with perfected traditional techniques. Takaokaya's Zabuton Cushions have three major characteristics.



Features of the zabuton cushion

The corner tassel stitches on a zabuton cushion are called sumifusa. It does not only function as a decoration, but it is also a traditional technique used to make sure that the cotton filling does not come out from the corners of the cushion. It is believed that by putting tassels on the corners of the cushions, it prevents evil from possessing one who's using the cushion.

The underside of the zabuton cushion is flat, which ensures the stability of the cushion. However, the top side of the zabuton is filled to create a dome-like shape, which is reminiscent of the shape of a Japanese fishcake called kamaboko. This shape does not only provides fluff, but it also prevents the zabuton cushion from flattening too quickly, even with frequent use. The plump and natural curve shape of the zabuton cushion is an indication of the skill possessed by the maker.


Find Your Shade of Kangu with Takaokaya

We have a collection of more than 50 types of colors and patterns in our cotton fabric collection.
We also offer a wide range of colored fabrics that includes Mura-dyed fabric.
The maker uses special dyeing techniques to create irregularity of streaks that are present in our cotton fabrics.
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Takaokaya's products can be purchased at Takaokaya's global online store and in our headquarter in Kyoto.
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